Vercel: Software Engineer III

2022 - 2024

Vercel is a platform that enables developers to build, preview, and deploy high-performance web applications with ease, offering streamlined workflows and powerful tools for a seamless development experience.

  • Lead a full re-architecture of Vercel's team invite flow, a substantial pain point reported by pro and enterprise teams. Reduced number of clicks to join a team after landing on Vercel from email invite from 10+ to 1.
  • Improved the security and integrity of Vercel by making substantial improvements to how we interface and report metrics to Sift, resulting in fewer abusive users making it on to the platform in addition to fewer non-abusive users being blocked as a result of false-positive signals.
  • Project lead for Vercel's Ship Week 2023 website, another highly-visual website with WebGL animations and live-streamed product announcements.
  • Part of the core team that built the viral registration site for Next.js Conf 2022 - featuring WebGL scenes, interactive games, and multiplayer functionality - the site helped generate over 100,000 registrations for the online event.